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Top Beard Styles For 2021

Top beard styles for 2021

Any man who ever considered a beard most certainly took 2020 as an opportunity to grow a killer #CoronaBeard. And any man who went into the pandemic with a pre-existing beard likely played around a little with the look. Whichever way you skin it, we know our community of bearded bros has grown through the last year and we thought it would be helpful for both the newcomers and the seasoned vets to run through some of the best-bearded looks for 2021 (and our top tips on how to maximize style).

Short & Scruffy Beard

The most universal of looks. This style allows for patches, slight unevenness, and even ultra-thick hair. The other benefit of this bad boy is that it comes in quickly and requires little maintenance. Allow your scruff to grow for 3-4 weeks naturally but (please) ensure you’re cleaning up down your neck and around your Adam’s apple to avoid the dreaded neckbeard. 

We recommend keeping your skin moisturized and clean with our 100% natural Original Beard Oil or Ginger Beard Oil. These specially blended, handcrafted beard oils will help stimulate growth and ensure your beard comes in (and stays) as soft as possible. 

Business in The Front Beard 

9 to 5’ers, we see you. We know you need to keep it tight during the day while still expressing your true self. Corporate approved beards need to be maintained, they’re approx. 2-3 inches long and are tended to daily. Meaning neck shaving, cheek line maintenance, beard trimming, cleaning and moisturizing will be in your future. Yes, it sounds like a lot but the final result is a man who means business, a man with a strong beard game and a killer style to boot. 

To put your best business face forward we recommend our Beard Balms. Our balms help you maintain your style all day long, we know you don’t have time to be messing around between meetings.

Short and Square (or Round) Beard

To elevate a Business in The Front Beard, we’ve seen guys take the style even further by adding angular edges or completely rounding it out. Angular or boxy edges tend to work well on those who have a thinner face or jawline. Use trimmers to angle down from your sideburns. Remember, you can always take more off but it’s harder to add back on…So, start slow (trust us). 

Rounded Short Beards are perfect for a man with a naturally more round or square face. It showcases the natural shape of the face without adding too much additional bulk. We recommend investing in our military-inspired Beard Brush to ensure an even shave and clean look. 

Full Monty Beard 

If you’ve taken this year to let things fly and see what happens, chances are you’ve got yourself at least 6 inches of beard. In our books, this is a badass look that can take many shapes. Maybe you keep the moustache long and really go for a full-bodied vibe (pictured here) or maybe you trim the stache to lighten up, either way, we love it! The more beard the better in our opinion. 

To take care of your Full Monty, we suggest our Beard Kits. Each kit includes all that you need to fully invest in your beard. 

No matter which way you decide to take your look, rest assured we’ve got you covered. 

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