The Best Beards of All Time. Who did we miss?

Author: Luther @Sussex Beard

It’s a sign of vitality, a symbol of strength, and all-around a badass way to separate yourself from the rest. Beards, especially those well-maintained and impeccably groomed ones, have been at the forefront of history for as long as time. 

Join us as we take a look back at some of our most memorable beards through modern (ish) history. 

“The Dude” aka The Big Lebowski

Nothing quite compares to Jeff Bridges’ vibe in the infamous Big Lebowski. From his thick knit wool sweater to his bathrobe, The Dude nails his look. Although, we can’t help but wonder how much better it could have been should he have used a Sussex Combo Pack to take better care of his flowing main and facial hair. 

Chuck Norris 

Professional roundhouse kicker, American martial artist, actor, and infamous renegade; is there anything he can’t do? You have to give Chuck credit, his commitment to his beard has remained unmatched through the decades. In fact, we’re beginning to think the secret to all his strength might actually come from his impeccable whiskers… wait a minute… 

Anyways, there’s no doubt another one of his secrets could very well be our Ginger Beard Balm (not just for Gingers) made to condition and enhance your beard and hair.  

Idris Elba 

He’s got style, he’s got grace and he’s almost always got some stubble on his face. He’s the epitome of manly men and inspires us every day to keep it clean, keep tight and treat it right. Check out our Beard & Beyond soap for a natural fresh all-over clean. 

Tom Hanks in Castaway aka “Chuck Noland” 

Not to pile on to a guy whos down on his luck but how good would Chuck Noland look if could have just got his hands on one of our Traveller Packs while he was Castaway? His unruly and unforgettable facial hair was a gift we didn’t know we needed in life, thank you Tom for showing us that even a  typically clean-faced American hero can rock a full, bushy, and magnificent beard. 

Jason Mamoa in Game of Thrones aka “Khal Drogo”

Originally from Hawaii, Mamoa may have single-handedly done more for beards than any other man on this list. Sure, his giant stature, booming voice, and flowing hair could also have a bit to do with his uber-masculine persona but we like to think the look wouldn’t be complete without that impressive beard. 

Now, we’re not saying our beard oil can perform miracles but it’s pretty damn close. If you’re looking to channel your inner Khal Drogo, we suggest getting started with our growth-stimulating Original Beard Oil

Tom Selleck in Magnum PI aka “Thomas Magnum”

Sure, it’s not a beard but it sure is one hell of a stache. Tom Sellacs’ facial air circa his Magnum PI days was a thing of beauty. Thick, luscious, and most certainly well maintained. Get the look with our all-natural StacheStik. No one wants runaway whiskers, get in control and give your stache the style and attention it needs to make Magnum proud.