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Matt White

Founder & Brand Ambassador

Matt White - Founder & Ambassador of Sussex Beard Oil Merchants
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From the beginning of time, I have never been without facial hair. Like all great things, It started gradually.  I noticed people staring at me from bushes and the flash from the glass of binoculars in windows as I passed by. It grew into people building the courage to stop me in malls and grocery stores to gaze in wonder. Adults, children, and teenagers in coloured skinny jeans wondering if they could just “touch my beard once” as they no doubt thought “one day my time will come”.

During one of these chance encounters (that were becoming more frequent), I had a burly, wonderfully bearded man ask me a question that would change history. As if the planets were aligned at precisely that moment he asked “What do you use in your beard?” Sussex Beard Oil Was Born!

How had I never thought about this before? What was I doing trusting my bearded locks to just anything I happened to have in my shower? My beard was dry, my face itchy, and my broken beard hairs littered my pillow every morning. Needless to say, it was not getting the attention of my wife that I was hoping for!  It was on this day that my quest for perfection and truth began. Sussex Beard Oil was born.

I sourced several natural oils and began to gather ingredients (including an amazing bottle of pure argan oil from a friend ). Working with a local soap maker, it took about 6 months and two different recipes to come up with what I believe to be the best beard oil on the globe. The second the aroma of the finished product hit my nose I was transfixed. At that moment I could envision myself draped in plaid, axe in hand, beard glistening and flowing in the wind… I had arrived.

Now my beard is a beautiful thing to behold. It went from dull to dangerous and no more broken hair on the pillows.  It’s a crucial element of my daily “man” routine.

Our Beard Oil’s woodsy smoky scent evokes a different story for every man. Let the primal aroma of Sussex Beard Oil tell yours.