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Luther Harrity


Luther Harrity
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I’m Luther, joined The Sussex Beard Oil Merchants team in January 2020. Since then, I’ve had a great time meeting long-standing customers and those who are first-timers with us. In addition, immersing myself in the beard culture has been a tremendous experience. 

I’m learning that the fun thing about beard culture is that it comes from a group of men from different walks of life and backgrounds. These men are diverse in many ways, except that they all have a common interest that nurtures the fellowship and the community of people who love beards.

For me, our products are a conduit to help uplift men around the world. 

My focus for 2023 will be to:

  1. Connect with more customers directly. I’m always a message away and want to reach out to those I have yet to talk with.
  2. Develop new products for men everywhere. All-natural, simple products that work. 
  3. Grow our educational resources for beard care and men’s grooming.
  4. Expand our Beard Ambassador program so that we can connect with and help more people.
  5. Have some fun!

More than anything, we are in the people business. So suppose you’re having a problem, an idea or want to send us a funny beard meme. Just message me. 

Have a thrilling New Year filled with good health, prosperity and community. Nice beard 😉