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Summer to Fall Skin and Beard Care

Summer to Fall Beard Care Routine

Let’s be honest, beard care probably wasn’t your top priority this summer. Between the BBQs, camping trips, beach days, long hot days at work, and everything in between there’s no doubt he’s looking a little more worse for wear than normal. But fear not, we’re not here to judge. We’re here to help. Follow these 5 tips for revitalizing your beard and skin after an epic summer of fun. 

  1. This summer we saw some of the hottest temperatures on record in Canada and the United States. There were days on end of sweltering temps and hot sticky nights. Despite everyone’s best efforts, there were surely some sweaty beards out there. On one hand, beards are great to help prevent sweat from getting in your mouth or dripping too much off your face but the trade-off is they also trap the sweat in a way that makes it’s hard for it to do anything but stick to the skin underneath it. The easiest way to prevent skin irritation due to sweat is to maintain a consistent washing routine. At the end of each night or when you wake up in the morning, give your beard a good wash using our Beard & Beyond Soap & Shampoo Bar. If you haven’t been on top of it all summer, don’t worry it’s not too late to get in there and give your beard a good cleaning to ensure it’s ready to withstand the change of season. 
  1. In and out of the pool? Long days at the lake? Endless rounds of golf? Home renos under the sun? Even the most sun-safe of us all will have experienced some sun and water damage this summer. Harsh heat, salt, and chlorine are three very damaging elements but applying our everyday beard oil to your beard will help it to keep its luster, making it easier to style and less bristly. Choose from our original blend or ginger-infused for extra growth stimulation
  1. If you haven’t been already, make sure you’re applying sunscreen (the spray kind) throughout the day even to the skin under your beard. It’s hard to imagine but UV rays can penetrate your beard and leave your skin feeling fried. Now is the time to hydrate to ensure your skin is ready to face the equally harsh weather we like to call “fall” here in Canada. We suggest doubling up on your moisturizing for a couple of weeks to set your beard up for year-round success. Give our Beard Balms a try, you’ll see the soft and conditioned results in no time.
  1. Typically we preach the stimulating benefits of combing your beard regularly but after a summer spent enjoying the outdoors we like to remind you that there are other benefits to combing as well. In recent years, there’s been more and more talk about the importance of checking yourself for ticks after spending prolonged amounts of time in nature. Unfortunately, beards also need to be thoroughly combed through to avoid what could be a life-changing bug bite. Our military-style beard brush is portable and light and easy to use every day helping you to ensure your beard stays tick and big free.
  1. Fall might just be the perfect time for a refresh. If you’re looking to update your look and try something new, check out our blog on The Top Beard Styles for 2021. And, suppose we should mention, if you’re thinking of shaving your beard this fall we’ve got something for that as well

Here’s to enjoying the last few weeks of summer and to a healthy, happy beard this fall!

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