Original Beard Oil (Monthly)

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Our handcrafted beard oil has been blended from 100% natural ingredients – no artificial scents, no preservatives, just pure, earthy goodness.


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To ensure optimal beard health for all our customers, we have created a carefully balanced blend of the following natural ingredients, each chosen for its ability to moisturize, nourish, and stimulate not only your beard but the skin beneath.

Beard Oil Ingredients & Their Benefits

Cedarwood Essential Oil Peppermint • Essential Oil • Lavender Essential Oil •
Rosemary • Tea Tree Essential Oil • Grapefruit Essential Oil •
Sweet Almond Oil • Coconut Oil •
Argan Oil

How To Apply

Apply a drop or two of oil to your fingers. Work the oil into your beard down to the skin and back out to the tips.

Once the oil is worked in, comb or brush.

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Recommended Dosage
Start with one drop per inch of beard. Remember it’s easier to add than take away.

30ml bottle