Black Cotton Beard Steaming Towel

These cotton Towels are bleach resistant and made of 100% cotton.

  • Extra Large 14.25″ x 27.75″ to cover the largest of beards
  • Bleach resistant
  • 100% cotton



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Beard steaming is beneficial as the heat aids in hydrating dry beard leaving your parched face happy. The moist heat also encourages blood flow to circulate, promoting beard growth too! The steam lifts the beard cuticle allowing your balms and oils to penetrate deeply into the beard helping to heal any damage.  This combined with a healthy diet can improve growth and thickness of facial hair.

Step 1

Wash your face and beard with Beard and Beyond Soap. After the Soap is completely washed out, rinse your beard a final time with warm water.

Step 2

Brush through your beard with a wide-toothed comb before covering every strand with our deep-conditioner balm or oil, paying attention to concentrate the product on your ends. Dampen your awesome cotton beard towel with hot water and squeeze out the excess water.

Step 3

Wrap your beard with the hot towel and recline for a restful time.

Step 4

Check the temperature of the towel every three to five minutes. Once it begins to cool, remove the towel and resoak in hot water. Squeeze out the excess water before rewrapping your beard with the towel.

Step 5

Continue to soak the towel in hot water and re-wrap your beard until 15-20 minutes have passed. Rinse out balm or oil with lukewarm water. Towel-dry your beard before brushing.