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Give your beard the life it deserves. Smooth, soft, manageable hair will have you itching to show it off. All of our products are handmade in small batches, formulated with only the best all-natural ingredients.

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Wholesale Beard Oil

Our all-natural beard oil will soothe your beard without weighting it down. Made from a natural blend of oils, it nourishes the hair and the skin below.

Sumberjack Beard Balm

Our beard balms help your beard grow in thicker, stronger and healthier. Our products provide nourishment and moisture while also providing medium hold for styling.

Sussex Beard & Beyond Soad Bar

Our soap and shampoo bars are pH balanced and formulated to help you maintain a good beard and skin health. They gently clean your face and beard without drying it out.

Hair Pomade For Men.

Treat the rest of your body the way it deserves with our hair pomade, canvas care and lip balm.

Beard Care Kits

We have several beard grooming kits and combos to choose from. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the bearded man in your life, you'll find it here.

Military style boar hair beard brush

All the tools you need to keep your beard looking and feeling great.


As it turns out, people who love their beards also love coffee (who doesn't though). We've partnered with a local company Piccadilly Coffee Roasters to provide our customer with our own blend of coffee!

Bearded T-Shirt

Our customers are proud beard owners and love to support our humble company. We've created some apparel just for them!

Sussex Beard Oil Candle

For those who love our fragrances and want a little more of them in their life. Our candles are made with all-natural soy wax and the same essential oil blend as our oils.

As Seen On CBC's Dragons' Den!

When a man with a nine-year-old beard looking to make a deal for his beard oil company, Michele Romanow initially said no to an investment opportunity. However, after Michael Wekerle proposed to partner up with Michelle on a better Sussex Beard Oil deal, she couldn’t turn it down a second time.

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