Growing Pains

There appears to be a common denominator between people and businesses, as each grows and develops there seems to be no way to avoid growing pains. When formulating quality oils and products, there are no shortcuts to maturity or any quick formula in producing a quality product. If you want the best outcome then you have to be willing to go through the growing pains.
When I started the adventure my intention was to have a product for me to use personally. Before long I learned that many others were looking for natural beard care products and to meet this need a small business venture was born. After four years, more product development, money invested and an appearance on the Dragon’s Den , one thing is evident – Growing is painful! When you have a demand that exceeds your supply, you can stay the same, make excuses or grow and meet that demand and the later is just what we did.

Sussex Beard Oil merchants has gone from doodle marks on a scratchpad to a fully incorporated business.

As time went on I realized this company is about so much more than a beard, it has become about designing and producing high-quality natural grooming products for men. The response to our product has been so exciting and much broader than planned. In the midst of the growth I have been looking ahead and planning for the next important steps. I’ve been told that many small businesses do not succeed due to lack of planning for the future. With this in mind I have sought out quality advice and have not just listened but acted on that advice. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by advisers who I know on both a personal and business level.
After the Dragon’s Den it was clear that a better structure was the only way to move forward. Part of that process has been to create an incorporated company that could represent not only Sussex Beard Oil, but a growing product line. Our Incorporated company of “Sussex Soap and Oils Merchants Inc.”  provides a platform for all future products and services as well as maintaining the growth of Sussex Beard Oil. The structure that we now have in place allows us to keep and maintain the integrity of our service, product and style.
SB - Logo Black On White
Customer support and enthusiasm has made the difficulties of growing pains so worthwhile and is a key motivating factor in pressing forward.

Behind every beard is a chin behind every chin is a man with a story…….this is part of my story.