Written by Justin Connors


In honour of Canada 150 we began a search for Canadians in our last 150 years who sported the best facial hair. We sorted them by the decades and give you our winners.

On to the list!


Hewitt Bernard 1867-1877

The unsung father of confederation who sported a not so unsung beard.

Alexander Graham Bell 1877-1887

Known for many inventions including the telephone but not often celebrated for his beautifull well groomed beard. We salute you sir.

James Naismith 1887-1897

There are many Americans who would have you belive that basketball is their sport, created in their country. The inventor of basketball was actually Canadian and wore a well kept salt and pepper stache.

Henri Bourassa 1897-1907

Bourassa was an ideological father of French Canadian Nationalism but also grew one of the best beard and stache combos in Canadian history. Seriously.

Robert Borden 1907-1917

Our early prime ministers knew facial hair and Borden (the 8th prime minister of Canada) was no exception. He showed off his stache on the back of the 100 dollar bill for many years.

PL Robertson 1917-1927

Robertson was known for arguably the best Canadian invention of all time, The Robertson screwdriver, but not known was that he had a tidy little stache that enters him into our facial hair hall of fame.

S. Woodsworth1927-1937

This pioneer for social democratic politics faught for the poor and elderly throughout his political career all while showing off his beautiful close to the face well groomed beard and stache combo.

Stephen Leacock1937-1947

When the world was taking itself seriously, Leacock was looking at world from a humourist point of view. There is an award in his namesakes for humourist writer of the year but Leacock should also have one for thick full moustache of the year.

Win Mortimer 1947-1957

This Canadian superhero comic illustrator is in the Joe Schuster Hall of Fame for comic artists but he also wore a very nice stache. We like to think it gave him his artistic abilities.

Farley Mowat 1957-1967

One of the greatest authors in Canadian history and has been translated into over 50 languages. Not translated was his amazing beard. Today we honour it.

Randy Bachman 1967-1977

Canadian Rock legend Randy Bachman is an instantly recognizable household name. When it comes to his messy rock hair and well groomed beard combo well, you just aint seen nothing yet.

Peter Gzowski 1977-1987

CBC broadcasting legend was heard on the airwaves for many years. Not heard through the airwaves was his ridiculously awesome handsomely groomed beard.

Don Cherry1987-1997

Hockey night in Canada legend Don Cherry is beloved by Canadians far and wide but not celebrated often enough for showing off his goatee. Not every man can pull one off and bravo to Cherry for doing it.

Chris Hadfield 1997-2007

Few Canadians have walked in space let alone command the international space station. He technically walked in space in 2009 but he was very much part of nasa’s crew as Canadas Astronaut. He has said you need to earn the right to wear a moustache and he certainly has.

Adam Kleeberger 2007-2017

Choosing this decades bearded man was tough. Real tough. But in the end Kleeberger won. Sporting one of the most epic beards in Canadian history, he became well known for the beard during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
A man with a great beard and the grit to play Rugby on a world stage? Admit it, the beard makes him 1000% tougher.