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New Packaging For Our Balms

Well, a new year is here and we’ve just introduced new packaging for our line of balms. This includes SlumberJack, Ginger Balm and Canvas Care. They now come in an amber jar, sealed for freshness and safety. Just like the old ones, they are 1.5 oz of balm and all the same recipes.

Sussex Beard Oil Beard Balms


Good news

Last year was a challenging year for all of us, no matter where you live. Things were especially difficult around here when our shop flooded again in December. The first of the good news is that 2020 is behind us and 2021 is going to be a better year. Our website is back up and running, and over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more information about the changes happening here.

If you missed Monday’s With Matt this past week, I encourage you to watch it so you’ll be up to speed on what’s happening here.


Day With Matt

Had a film crew follow me around for a day and this is what happened.

I felt it was important to tell “the rest of the story”. I wanted to say how much I appreciated my customer who is loyal and fantastic. I will let this clip speak for itself.

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