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5 Tips for Enjoying Coffee, For Bearded Men.

Bearded man with a cup of coffee.

For many bearded men, coffee is integral to their everyday routine, myself included. Sometimes though, the simplest of pleasures in life (beards and coffee) are spoiled when they come together.

Five tips for keeping your moustache and beard java free!

  1. Make sure you start with a clean and well-groomed beard. Wash your beard and apply your beard oil or beard balm. The oils will help repel any stray drops of coffee and make it easy to clean off. Plus, you’re also going to look and feel great.
  2. Drink your coffee from a cup with a lid! If you brew your own, pick up a few quality coffee mugs with lids, so you always have one clean.
  3. If you prefer to drink your coffee from an open mug, tilt your head slightly as you take a sip. This will help the coffee flow away from your beard and into your mouth.
  4. If you do get coffee on your beard, don’t worry! Just blot the spill with a handkerchief or tissue to absorb the liquid. Make sure to toss one in your pocket before you leave the house.
  5. Consider using a beard balm or oil to help keep your beard soft and hydrated. This can help prevent your beard from becoming dry and brittle, making it more prone to soaking up spills.

Above all, remember to enjoy your coffee and your beard! If you’re a coffee fanatic like we are, be sure to try our very own Five O’Clock Shadow coffee blend. Roasted right here in Sussex, New Brunswick by our friends at Picadilly Coffee Roasters.

These simple tips should help you enjoy your morning cup of joe without any spill-related stress. Happy coffee drinking!

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