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Prior to the Dragon’s Den taping, I had only heard of Jesse Haymen and his inspiring idea of the Movember Campaign. My friend Justin Conners arranged for us to connect via phone and in our first call, I asked him if he wanted to go on an adventure with me, his response? “I’m in”. I only actually met him in person the day of the Dragon’s Den taping. We had 40 minutes to talk out our game plan and I honestly could not have had a better beard model.

What totally worked for me is that in his Movember “off-season” he grows a full and fabulous beard. Up until that moment of my pitch to the Dragon’s he had never used any product on his facial hair so his very first experience was to try it on camera. I found myself getting so caught up in some of the interactions on stage that I forgot what I was there for (this explains me standing there with my mouth open).


When the filming was done we headed off for a late breakfast and spent a few hours talking about the passion of his life, helping men. His commitment to all the challenges that face men is beyond inspiring. He is a champion of addressing such issues as prostate cancer, mental illness and emotional issues all of which encompass men’s health.
This is a man with a deep conviction for helping people and I couldn’t have had a better example of what our product stands for to pitch with me that day.

We at Sussex Beard support people helping people. My motivation has never been just about the product so in celebration of our three-year adventure thus far, we would like to donate $3 from the sale of each StacheStik over the month of November to the “Movember Campaign”.

Behind every beard is a chin and behind every chin is a man with a story….

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