Winter can wreck  the beard of your dreams. ... During the winter months, cold outside weather combined with dry indoor heat can wreak havoc on your beard, leading to breakage and dry skin. That's right: Your Beard could be in danger !

We have the answer.

Help my winter beard !

Men taking pride in the way they look & feel.

Creating a deep, meaningful experience in men's grooming everyday.

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Bought the oil and the soap bar for my husband's amazing beard. it smells awesome and makes his beard beautiful. I also ran out of body wash and only had his bar of soap so I used it haha. It made my skin feel so soft and clean. Might just buy the soap for myself next time!!

Amy McFadzen

First I tried the Sussex beard oil and immediately noticed the aroma. It smelt manly. Like if a Viking, a lumberjack and a biker decided to go into the perfume business. And if that wasn't enough, my beard started feeling softer, looked fuller, and combing became easier.

Justin Baiani

My beard has never felt so alive! Seriously though, it smells awesome and makes my beard feel awesome, and it doesn't take a whole lot of oil to get your beard feeling well oiled and healthy. Usually my beard is very dry after a shower, but this oil fixes it right up! I can't wait until the beard bar becomes available as well! :D

Ben Bedecki

I love the new Ginger line! The beard balm has an amazing woodsy, peaty scent! Very reminiscent of a nice earthy single malt scotch, minus the booze of course! Well done ...cheers!!

Don Guimond‎ ( Beard Contest Winner)

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