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Give your beard the life it deserves. Smooth, soft, manageable hair will have you itching to show it off.

Many men struggle to grow a beard that looks and feels great.

Sussex Beard Oil Merchants has created a daily beard care routine that only takes a few minutes. Leaving you with a beard you will love.

Beard oil that leaves you with a great-looking beard.

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All of our products are made with only the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers in Canada & the United States.

As Seen On TV

You might recognize our humble beard brand from CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Watch our pitch from Season 10 Episode 5 here.

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Our Brand

Sussex Beard Oil Merchants was founded in 2013 when Matt White decided to do something to improve the look and feel of his beard. After extensive research (and some trial and error), Matt concocted a perfect beard oil that left his beard feeling healthy and looking great. He knew instantly he had to share it with all his bearded friends. The best part? It was all handcrafted right here in Sussex. 

Since our humble start, we’ve added numerous other products to our collection to keep up with demand and give our customers a well-rounded beard care arsenal. Each of our products is tested and used in-house before introducing them to the market. You can rest assured the people behind Sussex Beard Oil Merchants proudly use our products daily just like you. 

Our products are all handcrafted locally, packaged locally, and are now distributed worldwide.

Customer Reviews

Greg Watson
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I use the beard oil, soap and slumberjack daily. Love the way it makes my beard look feel and smell and so does my wife. I highly recommend these products. The owner provides exceptional service and is an awesome human being.
B. Giles
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Sussex Beard Oil soap is the best soap that I have ever used. The Ginger Beard Soap lathers like mad and does a great job with only one stroke of the soap on either side of the beard. I have had a beard for more than 43 years and I have tried many soaps and shampoos and the Ginger Beard Soap is my all time favourite. Nothing like it out there!
Andrew Schuhmann
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I can honestly say that I am a forever customer of SBOM after trying the Ginger beard oil and Ginger beard soap, both for the first time. The soap felt 100x times better than any beard shampoo I've ever tried, due to all-natural ingredients, and smelled so refreshing.
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Frequently Asked Beard Questions

There are many different kinds of beard oils on the market. Some are made with natural ingredients like jojoba, argan, coconut, and almond oils while others may contain more synthetic ingredients (ours do not).

Our handcrafted beard oils contain a specially formulated blend of the finest oils and ingredients such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and argan oil.

To get the most out of your beard oil, we recommend using it 1-2 times a day. You should definitely start to feel an improvement within 1-2 days. Beard oil is an essential tool for anyone with hair on their face. Regular use of beard oil can help you prevent itchy or irritated skin, dandruff, and soften your beard while also making it smell fresh.

A hot button topic for sure. We’re asked almost daily “how to grow a beard” and honestly, there’s a lot more that goes into it than you might think. It’s also no secret that some beards take time, dedication, and many, many different phases while others are just genetically predisposed to seemingly grow one overnight. 

So what can you do to make the most of what you were born with?  Here’s our take on some of the most common beard growing questions.

The most common questions we get (basically every day) are, “Can you fix a patchy beard?” and “Do you offer a beard growth product?”. This can be a touchy question, and unfortunately, there isn’t a straight answer. We don’t believe there are currently any products on the market that will help you grow a beard outright. If you’ve got bald spots on your face and someone says they have a magic elixir that will fill it in, they are probably selling snake oil. What is out there on the market are many beard oils and balms that help nourish your beard hair follicles and skin which will help promote a strong and healthy beard.

Read on below to find out what other factors account for growing a strong, healthy-looking beard and some lifestyle changes you can make to help you get there.

No one likes to have a patchy beard. It is not only aesthetically displeasing but also doesn’t give the desired confidence that the person wants. The problem is that it’s difficult to know what to do in order to get rid of it. Luckily, there are some easy solutions for this problem which are known by many men who have had this issue before. First, stop shaving or trimming your beard. This will allow your beard to grow more evenly by giving it ample time for new hair growth. Next, you can use a product with ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and argan oil on your facial hair twice a day for three weeks in order to encourage more hairs on your chin and cheeks to grow thicker and longer.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Look after yourself, inside and out – It should go without saying, the healthier you are the healthier you’ll look.Diet – Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes high protein foods, and reduced sugar intake.Drink lots of water – Most people aren’t drinking enough water every day, so if you’re not getting at least your eight cups. It’s time to up your intake.Beard Hygiene – Make sure you clean your skin every day with a ph-balanced soap formulated for the beard and skin. Like our Original Beard & Beyond Soap & Shampoo Bar and Ginger Beard Soap & Shampoo Bar.Hydrate – Use beard oil and balms to help moisturize your beard and skin. We recommend the Original Sussex Beard Oil or Ginger Beard Oil. Followed up by a weekly treatment with our beard balms. If you’re in a cold or harsh environment you may want to treat more frequently.Let it grow – Sometimes you just need to hang on and let it grow through that awkward patchy stage before you find what you’re looking for. Once you’ve grown it out, you can trim and style it to hide the flaws. Lastly, not all men will be able to grow a great beard. It’s ok. We’ve got something for you as well. Try our “If You Must Shaving Soap”  to get that clean, healthy shave.

Anyone with facial hair, no matter what type, can benefit from our products. Using beard oils at the start of the growing process can almost instantly increase softness and produce a healthy, clean, and great smelling beard.

Even those who prefer the 5 O’Clock shadow or a slight stubble should get into the habit of taking care of their whiskers.

Our faces and the hair on them withstand a lot of elements throughout the day, moisturizing and giving your skin and hair the nutrients they need will never do you wrong.

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This is a great question and one that we hear on the regular. Both our beard oils and beard balms are chock full of beard growing nutrients, they both work in tandem or independently to reduce itchiness, dryness and make your beard as smooth and soft as possible.

Our beard oil is for your beard and skin below and the balms are for beard only.

 Beard oil is best suited for daytime use and the beard balm is best suited for nighttime use or styling during the day.

Sussex Beard Oil

The Sussex Beard Oil Brand

The Sussex Beard Oil Merchants brand was distinct and strong from the very start. But, after appearing on CBC’s Dragon’s Den in Season 10, the brand became even more well known in beard communities across Canada and throughout the United States.

Our brand represents our eclectic customers from all backgrounds. We know Sussex Beard Oil is used by a  diverse group of people and we couldn’t be more proud. From farmhands to executives and everything in between – our products truly are for everyone.

We believe this so much we wanted to make sure we didn’t leave anyone out. So in 2012, we introduced the “If You Must” shaving soap because we know not everyone can (or wants to) grow a beard. Some of our best customers are firefighters, police officers, military, oilfield workers, etc. And we didn’t feel right leaving anyone behind because their jobs don’t allow facial hair.

Matt White - Founder of Sussex Beard Oil MerchantsMatt White - Founder of Sussex Beard Oil Merchants

A Message From Our Founder

From the beginning of time, I have never been without facial hair. Like all great things, It started gradually.  I noticed people staring at me from bushes and the flash from the glass of binoculars in windows as I passed by. It grew into people building the courage to stop me in malls and grocery stores to gaze in wonder. Adults, children, and teenagers in coloured skinny jeans wondering if they could just “touch my beard once” as they no doubt thought “one day my time will come”.

During one of these chance encounters (that were becoming more frequent), I had a burly, wonderfully bearded man ask me a question that would change history. As if the planets were aligned at precisely that moment he asked “What do you use in your beard?” Sussex Beard Oil Was Born!

How had I never thought about this before? What was I doing trusting my bearded locks to just anything I happened to have in my shower? My beard was dry, my face itchy, and my broken beard hairs littered my pillow every morning. Needless to say, it was not getting the attention of my wife that I was hoping for!  It was on this day that my quest for perfection and truth began. Sussex Beard Oil was born.

I sourced several natural oils and began to gather ingredients (including an amazing bottle of pure argan oil from a friend ). Working with a local soap maker, it took about 6 months and two different recipes to come up with what I believe to be the best beard oil on the globe. The second the aroma of the finished product hit my nose I was transfixed. At that moment I could envision myself draped in plaid, axe in hand, beard glistening and flowing in the wind… I had arrived.

Now my beard is a beautiful thing to behold. It went from dull to dangerous and no more broken hair on the pillows.  It’s a crucial element of my daily “man” routine.

Our Beard Oil’s woodsy smoky scent evokes a different story for every man. Let the primal aroma of Sussex Beard Oil tell yours.