Jacob Wilson
Verified Customer
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Just used the Ginger beard oil and balm today for the first time. I gotta say the smell is awesome! The balm has a good hold. keeps all the fly aways in place. Very good product.
B. Giles
Verified Customer
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Sussex Beard Oil soap is the best soap that I have ever used. The Ginger Beard Soap lathers like mad and does a great job with only one stroke of the soap on either side of the beard. I have had a beard for more than 43 years and I have tried many soaps and shampoos and the Ginger Beard Soap is my all time favourite. Nothing like it out there!
Greg Watson
Verified Customer
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I use the beard oil, soap and slumberjack daily. Love the way it makes my beard look feel and smell and so does my wife. I highly recommend these products. The owner provides exceptional service and is an awesome human being.
Andrew Schuhmann
Verified Customer
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I can honestly say that I am a forever customer of SBOM after trying the Ginger beard oil and Ginger beard soap, both for the first time. The soap felt 100x times better than any beard shampoo I've ever tried, due to all-natural ingredients, and smelled so refreshing.
Megan Erica
Verified Customer
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My boyfriend has extremely dry skin and we were looking for ways to help with the dry itchy skin under his beard, we purchased a bottle of beard oil and WOW! What a difference! Highly recommended. He will not go a day without using it and has helped tremendously!

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Give your beard the life it deserves.


All of our products are made with only the finest ingredients from trusted suppliers in Canada & the United States.

As Seen On TV

You might recognize our humble beard brand from CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Watch our pitch from Season 10 Episode 5 here.

Customer Service

We’re always an email away. Just send us a message from our contact page and we’ll get back to you fast. Usually within hours!

Smooth, soft, manageable hair will have you itching to show it off.

Frequently Asked Beard Questions

There are many kinds of beard oils on the market. Some are made with natural ingredients like jojoba, argan, coconut, and almond oils while others may have more synthetic ingredients (we do not). 

To get the most out of your beard oil, we recommend using it 1-2 times a day. You should start to feel an improvement within 1-2 days. Beard oil is an essential tool for anyone with hair on their face. Regular use of beard oil can help you prevent itchy or irritated skin, dandruff, and soften your beard while also making it smell fresh. 

Our handcrafted beard oils have a specially formulated blend of the finest oils and ingredients such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and argan oil. 

We are asked this question daily. This can be a controversial topic and growing a beard will not be an equal process for everyone. 

There are many factors involved in growing your beard. Some include genetics, general health, diet, beard care products and patience. 

You cannot change your genetics to grow a better beard, but you can start with a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and keeping hydrated. The next steps include using beard products to help nourish your beard and the skin below. Our beard oil is formulated to do just this.  

It is important to keep it clean and rehydrate and nourish with your beard oil daily. This will also help give you some relief from an itchy beard when you get started. 

Keeping it well-groomed will go a long way. Use a comb or brush to distribute the oil or beard balm throughout your beard and help get those wild stray hairs under control. 

The last and most crucial step. The one that so many beard growers struggle with is patience. So many men give up or get discouraged in the beginning. Most go through an awkward growing stage. If you are going through this, have patience. Let it grow, groom it and it will come around.  

If you have tried everything, had patience, and given it time…it might just be genetics or in some cases a medical issue. You may decide to only grow a moustache, goatee, or nothing at all. We hope this is not the case, but we have a fantastic “If You Must” shaving soap just for you. 

There are many claims out there around beard growth oil. This is a touchy subject for some, and there isn’t a straight forward answer. We don’t believe there are any products on the market that will allow you to grow facial hair where there is none now. 

However, our beard oil and balm help promote beard growth by offering the hair, follicle and skin beneath the nutrition and moisture it needs to grow. 

One product that shows promise is derma rollers. Derma rollers have several microneedles that penetrate the skin to help stimulate blood flow and increase collagen production. 

No one likes to have a patchy beard. It is not only aesthetically displeasing but also doesn’t give the desired confidence that the person wants. The problem is that it’s difficult to know what to do in order to overcome this problem. Luckily, there are some easy solutions known to help fill in those patchy spots. 

First, stop trimming your beard. Give it ample time to grow out. This is where most men get the biggest impact, yet many give up too soon. It may look awkward or unruly in the beginning, suck it up use a brush to help groom it and grow on. 

Next step, use quality beard grooming products to help encourage healthy growth. Our beard products include ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter and argan oil to help nourish your skin and beard, all while reducing the itch. 

Lastly, if you’re looking for the healthiest most attractive beard you can grow, you need to take your health into consideration. This includes drinking lots of water, keeping hydrated is extremely important. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. You can even go as far as eating real bone broth (not soup broth, proper bone broth). It’s full of collagen which will help boost your body’s production of collagen. 

Anyone with facial hair, can receive help from our beard oil, especially if you just started growing it out. Our beard oils promote growth, give your beard a healthy looking shine, and soften those whiskers. Oh, and it smells great! 

Even those who keep a short trimmed beard or stubble can benefit from using Sussex Beard Oil. 

Our skin and beard have to put up with the elements every day. By moisturizing, nurturing and grooming your beard. It will look and feel so much better!  
Some men use our beard oil as a pre-shave to moisturize their skin and have a more comfortable shave. 

Our beard oils are designed for your beard and the skin beneath, while the balm only helps the beard. We recommend using a combination of each.

The balm offers great beard nutrition, but also has a hold that helps for styling. Use it in the morning to control your beard or as a leave-in conditioner overnight. 

The Sussex Beard Brand

Distinct from the beginning, Sussex Beard Oil was founded in 2013 when founder Matt White decided to do something about the look and feel of his beard. 

After extensive research, trial and error and product testing. Matt concocted the perfect blend of beard oil that left his beard feeling healthy and looking amazing. He could not keep it secret and set out to share his newly created beard oil with the world – starting in Sussex, New Brunswick. 

Since our humble start, we have added many other beard products to our collection. Our goal is to give our customers a seasoned beard grooming experience. All our products are developed and manufactured in-house. Each product goes through rigorous testing by us, barbers, and individual beard product testers. Rest assured; our products are used by the people behind Sussex Beard Oil every day. 

Our beard products are hand manufactured in our shop found in Sussex, New Brunswick. We start by choosing the best ingredients available, then we mix, melt, and combine them for hand bottling. 

In 2015 we appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den (Season 10). This helped propel our beard brand forward and bring us national and international exposure. Matt struck a deal with the dragons, but in the end took no investment from them. 

One thing that sets us apart is the eclectic customers that shop with us. We know this diverse group of men come from all backgrounds and work in a broad range of occupations. From farmhands to executives, and everyone in between. Our products are truly inclusive of all men. 

We know that not everyone can grow a beard, some for professional reasons. For this reason, we developed our “If You Must” shaving soap. Some of our customers are firefighters, police officers, soldiers, and oilfield workers. Nobody left behind. 

The future is bright for Sussex Beard Oil Merchants. In January 2021, the business changed ownership. Setting the groundwork for growth and expansion both in North America and around the world. We continue to work with our founder Matt White, and he continues his work with us as our brand ambassador. 

Sussex Beard Oil CBC Dragons Den

A Message From Our Founder

From the beginning of time, I have never been without facial hair. Like all great things, It started gradually.  I noticed people staring at me from bushes and the flash from the glass of binoculars in windows as I passed by. It grew into people building the courage to stop me in malls and grocery stores to gaze in wonder. Adults, children, and teenagers in coloured skinny jeans wondering if they could just “touch my beard once” as they no doubt thought “one day my time will come”.

During one of these chance encounters (that were becoming more frequent), I had a burly, wonderfully bearded man ask me a question that would change history. As if the planets were aligned at precisely that moment he asked “What do you use in your beard?” Sussex Beard Oil Was Born!

How had I never thought about this before? What was I doing trusting my bearded locks to just anything I happened to have in my shower? My beard was dry, my face itchy, and my broken beard hairs littered my pillow every morning. Needless to say, it was not getting the attention of my wife that I was hoping for!  It was on this day that my quest for perfection and truth began. Sussex Beard Oil was born.

I sourced several natural oils and began to gather ingredients (including an amazing bottle of pure argan oil from a friend ). Working with a local soap maker, it took about 6 months and two different recipes to come up with what I believe to be the best beard oil on the globe. The second the aroma of the finished product hit my nose I was transfixed. At that moment I could envision myself draped in plaid, axe in hand, beard glistening and flowing in the wind… I had arrived.

Now my beard is a beautiful thing to behold. It went from dull to dangerous and no more broken hair on the pillows.  It’s a crucial element of my daily “man” routine.

Our Beard Oil’s woodsy smoky scent evokes a different story for every man. Let the primal aroma of Sussex Beard Oil tell yours.

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